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Pro-Jump Exo Elite Jumping Stilts other brands include Speedjumper Redoxx, PoweriZer upwings, UpwingZ, Air Runner, Flying locust 3rd gen, Powerisers, PoweriZers, Skyrunners, 7leagueboots, 7 leagues, 7 mile boots, Kangaroo shoes, Raptors, s-Rex, T-rex Pro-Jump Jumping Stilts | Bouncy stilts other brands include Velocity Stilts, Powerisers, PoweriZers, Skyrunners, 7leagueboots, 7 leagues, 7 mile boots, Kangaroo shoes Junior ProJumps, Projump jumping stilts, spring stilts, bouncy stilts, fun pogo stilts, zurich stilts - Genuine Powerbocks with patent protection - Low prices - Cheapest Jumping Stilts Extreme sports, Power Bocking, Powerbocking, Powerbockers get together and have fun! Pro-Jumping is having fun using Pro-Jump jumping stilts!

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Pro-Jump Exo Pro Jumping Stilts Pro-Jump Exo Jumping Stilts, not powerisers or flyjumpers or powerstriders Pro-Jump Junior C-Series Jumping Stilts 2012
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MUST WATCH TV: Did you spot Pro-Jump Exo Jumping Stilts during the welcoming opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics - Let us know on the Pro-Jump Forum!
Channel 4 - Pro-Jump Jumping Stilts were filmed for Home of the Future. Future home looks at how gadgets of the future may transform the way in which you live.
Also watch Ian Jamieson in action on Sky 1's Gadget Geeks where they check out Pro-Jump Stilts in Action! Did you watch celebs on
Famous and Fearless PowerBocking? Celebs including Gold Olympic Medal winner Dame Kelly Holmes; former EastEnders favourite Kacey Ainsworth; actor and Hollyoaks star Sarah Jayne Dunn; and TV presenter and former Atomic Kitten Jenny Frost were on Pro-Jump Exo Jumping Stilts.


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Pro-Jump jumping Stilts | PowerStilts | ProJumpers |Buy Adult Pro-Jump Stilts here - Similar Stilts aka Powerskips, powerisers, Powerizers, 7leagues, 7 league boots, flyjumpers, velocity stilts, knagaroo shoes etc

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Information about Pro-Jump Jumping Stilts

A little bit about Pro-Jump Stilts...

Pro-Jump is the name given to our brand of powerbocks. Powerbocks is the general term used for the spring loaded jumping stilts used for pro-jumping / powerbocking.

Pro-Jump stilts are the equipment used in the newest and coolest exercise and extreme sport in the world known as Pro-Jumping / Powerbocking. Projump / Pro-Jump starts where natural human ability ends. The ProJump / Pro-Jump stilts become an extension of the leg giving a person the ability to jump high or make long running strides, and that's just the beginning.

ProJump / Pro-Jumps have curved springs attached to the base, so when you press your feet downwards, the pressure of your weight creates gravitational energy. The integral super-charged springs push back to harness this energy, giving you the ability to jump to incredible heights and run with huge strides at amazing speeds.

With a pair of ProJump / Pro-Jump jumping stilts on your feet you'll be able to move like a superhero. The soar in adrenaline you feel when a small jump takes you high in the air above the tress is impossible to describe - it has to be felt to be believed. Running at greatly increased speeds will prove quite an experience too.

The ProJump / Pro-Jump stilts combines the idea of spring shoes, stilts, and pogo sticks and takes it to a whole new level. Add a dose of adrenaline and you've got the next extreme sport.

The children's model / Junior Model ProJump  / Pro-Jump will allow users jumping heights closer to 3 feet. These numbers may vary depending on each users ability

There are various brands available on the market currently. However Pro-Jump stilts are patent protected throughout the UK, USA and most of Europe. As with all exciting new products and inventions, cheap illegal and unsafe copies have started to come into the country. Do not be tempted to buy cheap imitations when you can buy Original Pro-Jumps with patented technology at an unbeatable price. Pro-Jump are fully authorised by the original inventor Alexander Bock and can be sold under the trademark offer a price match policy so you can rest assured that not only will you be buying genuine patent protected stilts but also paying the lowest price possible!


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Pro-Jump stilts are original patent protected jumping stilts, bouncing stilts, powerbocks. Similar stilts are aka Powerisers, Powerizers, PowerStrider, Jolly Jumper, 7 League boots, fly jumpers, powerskips. velocity stilts, skyrunners, poweriser, powerizer, 7mileboot, Olympic, Jolly jumpers. We only sell Pro-Jump.

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